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CHAPTER ONE - 10 Naughty Nights of Holiday Bliss Fifi Flowers Author

A Window to Love by Fifi Flowers...

WARNING: This book contains sexually explicit material
 and is intended for adult readers only.

Chapter One

Here I am again, the lonely, single Melissa Camille Bennette
standing amongst the beautifully dressed people of the art world. Yes, yet
another annual holiday work party with no date. Another night of going home
alone to emptiness. Alas, no kiss under the mistletoe. No one to take me home.
No one to strip me out of my little black dress or the sexy black lace lingerie
hidden beneath or my high heel fuck-me pumps. I didn't know why I bothered to
attend these events. At least there was always plenty of tantalizing nibbles
and continuous glasses of bubbly to drown my sorrows.
Looking down at my watch, I saw it was nearing
midnight, and decided that I had seen enough rubbing bodies, grinding hips and
tangling tongues on the dance floor. My mind and body couldn't handle the
loneliness. It was clearly time to get out of this ballroom. Wanting to prolong
the beginning of another weekend alone for as long as possible, I decided maybe
I needed a jolt of holiday spirit. What better place to feel the Christmas
merriment than by catching a glimpse of a few department store windows filled
with holiday ornaments? I headed to the coat check room, handed my ticket to
the attendant, and then slipped into my heavy coat ready to brave the cool,
crisp night that awaited me.
Leaving the party at the Peninsula Hotel, I
ventured out onto Fifth Avenue, heading uptown towards Central Park. I was
hoping the holiday spirit would envelop me as the city's magic began to enchant
me, taking away some of my sadness. The trees along the avenue were twinkling
with white lights, large ornaments were playfully displayed on the sidewalks,
holiday music rang in my ears, and chestnuts assaulted my nose. I have never
liked the smell of roasting chestnuts, but I must admit they did sayChristmas.There is nowhere like the island of Manhattan for the holiday
season. From the lighting of the grand Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center
with the famous Rockettes high-stepping around the corner at Radio City Music
Hall, to ice skating at The Rink or riding in a horse-drawn carriage through
the snow in Central Park, it was as if a magical world was brought to life once
year. If the weather gods were working in our favour, a white Christmas gave
New York City the supreme holiday experience.
The department store windows lent their own
unique allure, heightening everyone's spirits as pure fantasy enchanted in each
window. Adventures abound throughout the city behind panes of glass and
delighted us. When I come upon the first holiday decorated window, old memories
flood my brain. Since I was a little girl, I have loved visiting the holiday
windows around New York City with my parents. During the Christmas season, it
became a family tradition, and although theyve been gone for seven years, it seemed like
just yesterday we were taking our traditional stroll. My mother planned our
adventure every year leaving no detail to chance. She would research all the windows
while my father researched which restaurant we would end our night in for the
perfect meal. We always rode to the city on the train and stayed at The Pierre
right across from Central Park. This was the first time since their passing
that I had ventured by these windows to stop and take a look.
Now I am alone with only my memories of
bundling up in scarves, mittens, hats and sipping steaming cups of hot cocoa as
my parents, and I stood exactly where I stand now excitedly discussing every
detail of the masterfully created miniature winter wonderlands. There was no
excitement this year; there was no one to ooh and aah with, to dream with, to
share the special spirit of the holiday.
I stopped at the window of the renowned
Bergdorf Goodman department store. My eyes began dancing around at all the trésors on display within the window. Pale, icy blue draperies
dropped in long glistening sheets down either side of this dazzling fantasy
world. The first thing that captured my attention was the exquisite Christmas
tree dripping with tear-shaped jewels in brilliant shades of blue. Twinkling
white lights made all of the gems sparkle, tantalizing my senses. The crown
jewel of the window was a magnifique blue crystal chandelier which hung in the
center of the window. Light blue droplets cascaded to the floor giving the
illusion of an icy cold rain shower. Surrounding the chandelier, fragrance
bottles floated at various heights decorating the open space. Some of the
bottles had fallen and broken open, spilling blue liquid into pools on the
ground. Light dancing off the liquid gave the illusion of ripples on a pond of
blue water ensconced by bejeweled blue sea creatures. As my eyes darted around
enchanted by all the blue reflections, I was drawn to an enormous, plush, blue
velvet chair. Leaning up against the front of the chair was a large framed
photograph. My heart started racing. Tilting my head, I looked into the most
gorgeous face I had ever laid my eyes upon. Dark, thick, tousled hair; perfect
for running my fingers through. Full lips looked as if they are waiting for me
to trace them with my tongue. His piercing blue eyes, made even more pronounced
by all of the blue elements, made my body tingle. The taunt body was just as
moan-producing. I got a hint of his wide shoulders and broad chest. Yes, I was
undressing this beautiful man. I licked my lips, letting out a soft sigh as my
eyes slipped halfway closed.
Oh j'adore... what I would love to do with you!I murmured faintly.
Suddenly, my eyes fluttered open as I heard a husky, masculine voice,
Perhaps I can be of some assistance.
Have I said those words out loud?
Startled, I turned and looked into darkened,
smirking eyes; the same eyes as the ones in the window. I stumbled forward.
Luckily, his strong hands reached out to catch me. The touch sent electricity
shooting through my body and heat straight between my thighs. My heart rate
accelerated and my breathing became erratic. I thought I may pass out. He was
even more gorgeous in person. My fantasy man was dressed in a black three-piece
suit with a crisp white shirt, a slate blue tie and a coordinating pocket
square that intensified his blue eyes. His hair was a bit messy as if he had
just run his hand through it. A shadow of facial stubble on his ruggedly handsome
face accentuated his strong jaw line. Ooh la la, he was totally edible!
Undeniably sexy.
His grip remained firm. What exactly did you have in mind to do with me?he inquired as he raised a dark eyebrow in a suggestive manner,
moving his face within inches of mine. You have my full
sorry. I thought I was alone,I said breathlessly,
gazing at his gorgeous mouth that was close enough to lick.
I'm not sorry.  Although I
am curious. Im glad
I followed you from the McDimel-Sandersparty,he said with a mischievous
You followed moi?I asked, confused.
His hand slowly moved up to my mouth, and with
his thumbs he lightly ran it across my bottom lip. The beautiful lady speaks French, but I don't think you are
At the sound of him saying French,and the feel of his touch
on my lips, my mind was reeling with thoughts of kissing his sensuous mouth. My
body was reeling with thoughts of so much more.
Oui and non. Im part
French and part mystery. J'adore the language and I have a habit of throwing
out a few words here and there.
He laughed at my rambling.  I stared at his slight dimples. I wanted to
lick them, too.
Trying to regain control of myself, I asked, Why are you following me?
His laughter turned to a soft chuckle as he
stepped back and took my hand in his then bowed deeply from the waist, Allow me to introduce myself. I am Evan Duke. By day, I am a
highly paid clothing rack. By night, I save beautiful women from the dark
streets of the city.
No longer smiling, he gave me a long, dark,
penetrating look. I wanted to make sure you
made it safely to a cab, but then you started walking.With a stern look on his face he continued, Its late.
Its dark
and not safe for a beautiful lady to be roaming the streets of New York alone.
You needed protection, so I followed you.
My face flushed at the thought of model Evan Duke thinking I was beautiful. Yes,
right. Evan Duke, the male supermodel of the moment. He does print ads for two
of McDimel-Sandersbig
clients. McDimel-Sanders is an advertising firm and my employer. I worked in
their art department working up storyboards for advertisements. The firm threw
a large annual holiday party every year at the Peninsula Hotel, transforming
the grand ballroom into famous nightclubs, inviting important clients and
staff. This years
themed nightclub was the Moulin Rouge complete with can-can girls dancing to
modern DJ music. Of course Evan would be invited, although I didnt see him at the party. He
mustve been
seated in a VIP area of the ballroom. Special clients were rarely seated among
the common office personnel, so I had no hope of seeing this dreamy man of my
naughty fantasies.
Without thinking I blurted out, I couldnt bear the thought of
going home alone to an empty apartment. I needed a little dose of holiday cheer
or joy or something, so I thought I would stroll by some holiday windows with
the hope of prolonging the inevitable lonely night.After this last statement left my lips, I felt pathetic and
Well, now that weve
established that there isnt a
jealous boyfriend or husband at home waiting for you, you can take me home with
you and show me what you would love to do with me.
Oh, how that devilish grin on that amazing face
was making my heart beat wildly.
Before I had a chance to respond, a strong hand
was on my arm guiding me to a waiting car. Charles,
take us to Ms. Bennettes home,He gave Charles the name and address of my apartment building, and
we were off.
You know my name and where I live?I
asked, tilting my head and raising an eyebrow in his direction.
I know a lot more about you than you think,he answered looking straight into my soul, causing my breath to falter for
a moment.
Leaning back into the deep leather seats of his
town car, I was curious. How and why does he know so much about me? A gorgeous
stalker? No, he was clearly not a stalker. I was intrigued, but hesitant to ask
Within minutes, we pulled up in front of my
building. Phillip, my doorman, greeted me as he opened the door, Hello Ms. Bennette. Hope you enjoyed your evening.
Thank you, I did.I said with a small grin
on my face. Goodnight, Phillip.
Goodnight, Ms. Bennette.Phillip called after us.
Holding my hand, we entered the lobby and rode
the elevator silently. I couldn't help but look up at him. He looked at me with
a slight smile, squeezed my hand tighter and then brought it up to his lips,
and gently brushed them across the inside of my wrist. His facial hair tickled
me in a sensuous way. My knees felt a bit weak. I was surprised I was still standing. I had an overwhelming desire to jump in his arms, wrap my legs around
him and ride him right here in the elevator. Oh oui, this was one of my many
fantasies starring this hunk of a man. Oh mon dieu, I couldn't believe he was
so close to me and going to my apartment.
Once in front of my door, he asked for my keys
and unlocked it. The touch of his hand on the small of my back as he guides me
inside sent a vibration right down my spine. The hair on the back of my neck
prickled and
my panties moisten
ed. I was thrilled with
the idea of having this incredible man come home with me, but I wondered, what
am I doing? I had not been with a man in years. Evan's a male model, he has
women drooling all over him and wanting to bed him constantly. What was I


I love my apartment with its high ceilings, boiserie paneled
walls, hardwood floors and big windows that looked out onto Central Park. As
always, my apartment was dimly lit as I hated to come home to darkness. The
soft lighting gave me the feeling that I am expected, that someone left them on
for me. Just before my parents died, they purchased the apartment I now call
home, but tragically, never moved in. In the early days of living here, it was
difficult to look around the apartment and not feel sadness, yet on the other
hand, it made me feel close to them knowing I was living in their intended
Hey beautiful, are you okay?He asked cupping my face
with his hands, tilting it up so that I looked directly into those dreamy eyes
that so captured me in the Bergdorf holiday window.
Sorry. I was just
voice trail
ed off as I pushed all the
sad thoughts aside.
Are you having second thoughts about having me here? Do you want
me to leave?
Softly I whispered, No,as I gazed up into those
pools of blue.
In an instant, he captured my lips with his
mouth, lightly brushing his tongue against mine. I let out a light gasp and his
tongue slid into my mouth. I welcomed him with a moan, and he deepened the
kiss. Pulling me into his body firmly, our tongues doing a rhythmic mating
dance, we melt into each other as if we were a perfect fit.
Suddenly our stomachs were growling, and Evan
remarked, Sounds as if you ate as
much as I did at the party. I know its late and as hungry as I am for you, I'm starving. If you have
food in your kitchen, I'll fix us a quick something to eat.
My tummy betrayed me again and growled. I think my stomach is begging for something.At the word beggingI saw him raise an eyebrow and look at me sideways.
I blushed at the sound of my words as a nervous
giggle escaped me. Not wanting him to see my deeply reddened face, I led him
quickly down the hallway and into the kitchen.
Once in the kitchen he grabbed my waist and
lifted me up onto the center island. Let me fix something for
us. Well need
the nourishment to fuel us,he said with a wink.
Opening the refrigerator, he pulled out eggs, cheese, and a baguette. Before he
started prepping our food, he removed his jacket, waistcoat, and tie and draped
them over the back a stool. Next, he rolled up his shirt sleeves, and
unbuttoned the top two buttons of his dress shirt. Mmmm, and now I was privy to
more of his body up close and personal as he exposed his tanned smooth skin. I
could see strong muscular forearms with pronounced veins and imagined touching
them. The hint of his chest muscles were visible where his shirt was slightly
open. They enticed illicit thoughts and without thinking my hand moved to my
mouth. I couldn't help but bite my finger tip as naughty thoughts continued to
flood my mind.
Ooh la la! A little striptease for moi?I giggled.
He raised an eyebrow at me. Is that what you want, bébé?Leaning towards me, he
placed a chaste kiss on my lips, my nose and then my forehead. Tell me where everything is, and I'll get started on our midnight
I started to slip off the island, but he
grabbed my waist. Stay put. Just tell me
where everything is. I want you on display for me.I received another kiss and without thinking I moaned. Suddenly, I
could care less about food. I wanted him as my midnight snack. He looked
positively delicious, and I swooned when he suggested with a twinkle in his
eye, If you feel like taking off some of your clothes, I wouldnt object.
Barely composed, I giggled, kicking off my
shoes. He gave me a look that said shoes were not what he was
hoping to see me remove. I looked straight into his beautiful face, and giving
him an innocent look, I rattled off where he could find what he needed.
Effortlessly, he whipped up an omelet for us to share while I sliced the
baguette. I was in awe when he flipped the cooked egg in the air, and it
returned perfectly to the pan.
Culinary classes in your spare time?
No, but a very good friend is an amazing chef. I watch and learn,he
ed with a wicked grin.
Evan plated the eggs and sat on a stool below me. With one fork, he took a
bite and then fed me until the plate was clean. No words were spoken between
us. Our eyes were locked. Moving the plate out of the way, he spread my legs
apart and rested them on either side of his muscular body. He pushed up the hem
of my dress, exposing the tops of my thigh-high nylons. He gently rolled the
stockings down my legs, slowly, methodically, caressing and kneading until they
are removed. I couldn't stop myself from moaning. The throbbing heat
intensified and moisture began to pool between my thighs. I tried to squeeze
them together, but he held my legs firmly apart. Leaning over, he nipped at my
bare thigh and growled, You smell good enough to
I moaned and slid myself forward on the
counter, wrapping my arms around his neck, capturing his hair in my fingers, he
devoured my mouth. He broke from our kiss long enough and said, Time for you to show me what you would love to do with me, bébé.Scooping me up into his big, strong arms, he whispered, Bedroom?I pointed the direction.
As he was carrying me to my bedroom, I was questioning myself. What am
I doing having a one-night stand? And a one-night stand with a male model? I
promised myself this would never happen again, but ooh la la, I couldn't help
myself. I wanted him! Between the kitchen and my bedroom I pushed all the
doubts from my mind.
Finding my bedroom, Evan released me from his
muscular arms, sliding me down his hard body. Turning me around, he moved my
hair to one side as he began kissing my neck. Running his tongue along my skin,
he moved down my back, unzipping my dress. It fell to the floor and I was left
standing in my black lace bra and matching thong. Turning me back into his
embrace, he growled, lifting me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. In
one swift move, he set me down in the middle of my large soft bed and crawled
on top of me. I reached up and pulled him down, plunging my tongue into his
mouth. We both moaned with anticipation.
Moving to my neck, licking and nipping at my
skin, he unclasped the front of my bra and moved one hand to cup my breast.
Kneading and rolling my nipple between his thumb and forefinger, he moved his
mouth to cover the other breast. I moaned and pushed into him wanting more. He
switched his mouth to the other breast and slowly slid his hand down my body,
across my stomach and into my panties. I gasped as his fingers stroke my
burning, moist flesh.
Oh bébé, youre so wet for me,he whispered softly into
my ear, nipping my earlobe hard and then licking and sucking it. Gently moving
his finger over my folds, one finger curved inside of me as his thumb circled
my clit. Panting, I thrusted into his hand and he moved with me harder and
faster giving my body the stimulation it craved and I screamed as he brought me
to a delicious orgasm.
The orgasm was unbelievable, but it only left
me wanting more. I wanted to feel the heat and the weight of his body on mine.
I wanted to feel his skin pressed against me. I wanted to caress him. I wanted
to lick him.
I unbuttoned his shirt kissing his smooth chest as I went. As I slipped his
shirt off his strong broad shoulders, revealing his firm biceps, I kissed each
one. I ran my hands across his firm pecs. Leaning forward I nipped at each of
his hardened nipples. He growled and stiffened as I lightly skimmed across his
tight rippling abs and traced his cut v-muscles with my index finger. His
tanned skin was so responsive to my touch. Reaching for the waistband of his
pants, I unhooked and
ped them. I slipped my hand down between his
hot skin and boxer briefs rubbing his hard length, feeling how big and ready he
was for me. I wanted him to fill me now.
With my labored breath it took every ounce of
control to form actual words, Evan, I want to feel you
inside me.He lightly pushed away,
stood and removed his pants slowly, too slowly for me. I begged softly, Please. Pleeeeasehurry.
Softly growling, Evan whispered, Be patient, bébé. All good things are
worth waiting for, and I promise you, this will be good.He reached into his pocket before dropping his pants to the ground
and rolled a condom onto his long, hard, thick shaft.
In one quick motion, Evan was back on top of me
guiding his cock over my clit, circling it, and then rubbing my moist folds.
Over and over again his cock circled my hot, swollen clit leaving me dizzy and
waiting. The wanting was driving me mad. I grasped the bed sheets to keep
control when I really wanted to scream Fuck me now!It felt amazing, but it was not enough. I wanted him to stop
torturing me! I wanted him to give me what I want.  Slowly he slid in and out, inching in a
little more each time until he filled me. Ive never felt anything like this. My head was
clouded by desire. My body was flooded with sensations I had never felt before.
He whispered sweet words; his breath was hot
against my ear. You are so tight and so
wet for me, bébé. I dont think I ever want to
leave your pussy.
Ooh, mon dieu!I moaned at his words, moving with him thrust for thrust. We moved
faster and faster until suddenly I couldn't take it. I wanted it harder
Fuck me. Harder. Please.I was feeling out of
control as he thrusted and plunged deep and hard. Mmmm. Just. Like. That. Oh. Dont. Stop.
Bébé. You. Are. So. Fucking. Hot.Evan was panting, increasing his speed.
We screamed each others name as we released together. I couldn't
believe how hard I was pulsing around his cock. He kissed me forcefully then
pulled out of me. I felt an instant sense of loss, but he rolled me next to him
and pulled me tightly to his chest.
Being in this mans arms was indescribable. It had been too long
since Id felt
such warmth. I think the truth was Ive never experienced the way I felt about him right now. How? How
can I feel something so deep for him so quickly? What was it about him that
feels so right? It didnt feel wrong to be with him. He was practically a
stranger, but so familiar. There was a connection to him. I don't think I'm
imagining it. Or am I? Am I just another female enthralled with his beauty?
Bébé, what are you thinking about?He
nibbled at my earlobe.
There was no way I would tell him what I was
actually thinking, so I told him what I hoped would entice him to keep his firm
hold on me. I purred softly into my pillow, How good
you feel wrapped around me.
I can make you feel even better.He
turned me to face him and even in the dark those eyes penetrated my heart.
Mmmmhow can you do that?
Let me show you.He captured my mouth as he
slid me under his body. Ill give you a full demonstration.I giggled and surrendered my body to his full control.

Oh mon dieu.I may never survive this.

A Holiday Window in New York City

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