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A Window to Love by Fifi Flowers Chapter Four

A Window to Love by Fifi Flowers...

This book contains sexually explicit material and is intended for adult readers only.

Chapter Four

I woke up alone in my bed and instantly thought I might as well
get used to this. It's Sunday, the last day of our weekend together. I'm going
to miss that gorgeous face, that amazing hard body and the best sex of my life.
I think the worst part will be the emptiness. Tomorrow I will go back to it
being only me within the walls of my apartment, but his ghost will remain: I
will wake up to his scent in my bed, I will feel his presence in places he
touched me, gave me pleasure. I will remember the sounds of Evan playing my
piano. I will be reminded of the loss of my parents and now the loss of him
when I look at Christmas tree. As I am on the verge of tears, I tell myself to
stop this train of thought and remember that today he's still mine. As I pushed those thoughts back, I tossed back the
covers, stood and stretched. Not wanting to waste a moment of our last day, I
hurried into the bathroom, splashed water on my face and brushed my teeth. I
threw on a black and white polka dot silk dressing gown and went in search of
As I stepped into the hallway, I heard him. He must be speaking to someone
on the phone. Following his voice, I found him in the library sitting on the
leather sofa wearing only drawstring pants. He was pure sexiness. He smiled up
at me and with a crooked finger motioned for me to come to him.
I moved toward him as he continued his
conversation, Ok. That sounds good. If
we could wrap it up this week, that would be great. I have another project
scheduled for the following week, and after that I will be out of the country.
Great. See you tomorrow.
As soon as he's off the phone he pulled me onto
his lap, planting an enormous kiss on my lips and all I could think was how
much I will miss this. His body has awakened mine in every way.
How did you sleep, bébé?
Good.I answered short and sweet when I actually wanted to add 'with you wrapped
around me how could I not sleep well?'
I had a hard time not waking you up this morning, but since I kept
you up most of the night I decided to let you rest up for today,he said with a raised eyebrow.
With a devilish laugh, he answered. I plan to play with you all day.
A naked day indoors?
Sounds good to me.Evan kissed me deeply
while he untied my silk robe and growled as his hands roamed my naked body. I straddled him, rubbing against his length until I'm so wet I'm dripping on
him. Abruptly he stilled my movements and slammed all the way into me, and I
whimpered, Mon
I felt like a wanton woman as I rode his cock.
Evan was growling and moaning, and I was pretty sure he was talking dirty to me
in French.
J'aime ta chatte serrée. C'est vrai bébé garder
équitation am bite. I love your tight pussy. Thats right, bébé, ride my cock.
Je ne comprend pas. I
don't understand.
Evan laughed and growled. It's dirty French for you,
Mmmm. Jadore monsieur,I whispered throwing my
head back, rotating my hips, grinding into him, I climaxed hard around his
cock, screaming out his name. Giving me one last hard, deep thrust he released
into me as I was still throbbing around him. As he stilled, I didn't want him to
pull out of me. I clung to him tightly.
I'm not sure if I heard it right, but I'm
almost positive he said,Je
t'aime, cherie.
Or maybe that's what I
would like to hear. That was definitely something I would say to him.



I just told Melissa I loved her in French. What made me say that?
Was it just in the heat of the moment? Am I falling in love with her? I've
never told a woman I love youin English, let alone French.
Excuse me, monsieur. Sorry to interrupt your thoughts, but are you
ready for some breakfast because I need some coffee. Let me get dressed, and
I'll fix us something yummy to eat.
You look fabulous naked, bébé.
Wiggling against my body, she inquired with a smile, You want me to be the naked chef?
Works for me,I moaned.
Slipping off my lap, Melissa put her dressing
gown back on and ran to the kitchen before I had a chance to pick her up and
carry her again. You can't get away from
me, bébé.
I will never let her go.



I got everything out to make breakfast and started boiling water
in the tea kettle to make French press coffee. I noticed Evan was
looking around the kitchen. He appeared deep in thought. I licked my lips
looking at him, thinking how hot he looked sitting in my kitchen.
Bébé, I want to ask you some questions about the apartment.
Hearing he wanted to talk about the apartment,
the whisk I was using to beat the eggs slipped from my hand, sending some of
the eggs over the side of the bowl. With shaking hands, I reached for a towel,
thankful for the momentary distraction I had created. As the emotional walls
came up in anticipation of his questions, I kept my eyes and my mind focused on
Yesterday I was looking around and noticed there are very few
things that reflect you.
Quietly, I finished making coffee and poured
two cups. I handed one to Evan and just looked at him.
Bébé, I don't mean to upset you. I guess I'm curious if you plan on
staying here, or is this just temporary until you're ready to move on?
I looked into his questioning eyes and wondered. Did I want to open myself up completely to him on our
last day together? I decided to keep it simple and stated the facts, first
taking a
deep breath,
My parents purchased this
place and had some renovations done. Their next step was furnishing the place
after the first of the year. As you know, they died the day after Christmas.
I stopped for a moment to collect myself as
Evan placed his hand over mine and squeezed it. I pulled it away, unsure of
myself and where this conversation was going.
Taking a breath, I continued, When I met with the attorney for my parentsestate they informed me I was their sole heir.
In accordance to my parents' trust, everything was automatically paid in full
including this apartment. They had planned to sell their house upstate once
they moved, but since I had no desire to keep the house I grew up in, I came
here. My childhood home had too many memories, and I thought this would be
better for me.
Pausing, I took a couple sips of coffee. Evan
moved closer to me, but I put up a hand to let him know not to touch me. I knew
if he touched me I would fall apart.
I contacted an auction house, hired a real estate agent and a
personal assistant and together they all took care of selling everything. I
only kept photographs and a few personal items.
I took yet another deep breath and went on.I was in the process of looking for an apartment in the city, so I
figured I would stay in the apartment until I found something. I hired my
mother's interior designer to find the basics for me. Once I moved in, it felt
right to stay. My parents never lived here so there were no memories. It felt
like I was still connected to them without constant reminders. That probably
doesn't really make sense, and maybe it sounds a little crazy.I let out a nervous laugh, deciding I had said enough.
Evan took my laugh as an invitation, and he pulled me tightly into his
arms. Thank you for making me understand. Then hesitantly asked, Do you ever dream about things you would like to see in here?
Things you would want to change?
Wow. Where do I begin?
Let me finish making breakfast for you, and you tell me what you
would do to this kitchen.
As Evan took over the cooking, I told him that I liked the kitchen, but I
would prefer the cabinets in a cream finish. The granite on the counter tops
could stay, but I would love the island counter to be a dark butcher block.
One thing I had done was to change the lighting above the island.
That fixture is the thing that reminds me of you most of all.
Really? That's amazing since you barely know me.
Evan winked at me and said, I think I know you pretty
You know my body extremely well, that's for sure.I said with a small laugh.
Evan replied with a playful growl as he set a plate full of food down in
front of me.
Sitting side by side on stools at the island
counter eating, we both looked around the kitchen envisioning what could be.
In that area in front of the window, I would like a French settee
and table.
I like that idea. You're on a roll now. After we finish eating you
can take me around the apartment and tell me what else you would do.
Once we finished cleaning up the kitchen, Evan
pulled me into his arms, tilted my head up and gave me a long passionate kiss.
Once again, he left me breathless.
I'm going to hate this apartment once he's no
longer here.
Going from room to room, I answered Evan's many
questions. He gave suggestions when I was uncertain, and I liked his ideas. I
liked the idea of the apartment having a masculine and feminine feel to it.
An hour later, I was excited about eventually making this apartment my home.
Evan's phone started ringing. He looked at the
number, and I could see he was uneasy answering the call in front of me. He let
the call go to voicemail.  Hey bébé, I need to return this call.
Before I could respond, he walked away,
returned to the library and shut he door.
I walked straight through the master bedroom
into the bathroom and started a bubble bath. As I stripped down thoughts
swirled through my head. How will I be tomorrow if he's already moving on?
Making plans with someone else right here in my home, in my library? How am I
supposed to feel? I clipped my hair up and slipped into the hot water. Closing
my eyes, I tried to relax.
Bébé, how could you take a bath without me?
Mmmm,I moaned as he slipped
into the bubbles with me.
I leaned forward and sunk my teeth into Evan's
bottom lip then ran my soothing tongue over it. He growled softly and plunged
his tongue deep into my mouth. Our tongues tangled, making us both moan. My
body was throbbing everywhere. I needed him inside me.
Please, Evan. I want you.
In one quick motion, he pulled back, taking me
with him as he leaned back on the other end of the tub and lifted me onto his
hard cock. He began rocking inside me, moving in and out. Hot water and bubbles
splashed over the sides of the tub in waves as he drown me with his kisses
until we both released together with sharp loud gasps.
Evan climbed out of the tub, dried off then
lifted me
.  After
toweling me dry he carried me to the bed. We cuddled up and fell asleep.



Melissa, wake up bébé. I have a car coming for us in twenty minutes.
I thought we were staying naked today?she asked in that sexy not quite awake voice I have come to adore.
Unable to resist, I took her
nipple into my mouth and bit. Her moan was so loud I was instantly hard as a
Believe me, I have more planned with this body of yours. You will
be screaming my name when I make you come, but for now I think we should go
shopping. Time to start transforming your apartment. Come on, you have twenty
minutes to get ready.
Twenty minutes? I can be ready in five to ten minutes.Abruptly, Melissa straddled me, and I was balls deep in her warm, wet pussy once again.
Oh Melissa,I moaned. You're the best, bébé”
Shut up and fuck me.
I slapped her on the ass, growled at her, and
got busy making her scream. I didn't want to keep Charles waiting too long.


We were dropped off at Lexington and East 32nd just down from the
New York Design Center building. The place was empty as we wandered from
showroom to showroom looking at magnificent pieces of French furnishings. One
of my earlier phones calls was to a close friend who wields vast influence in
the world of interior designers and who could make big things happen on short
notice. One call had opened the doors of various French showrooms to us on a
Sunday afternoon.
As we took it all in, Melissa told me what she liked and didn't like, and I gave her my input.
Oh bébé, let's get these leopard sheets. They are wild like you.I loved to make her blush. The mixture of her innocence and
sexiness was very appealing. I'm thinking we should
order a four poster bed. Tying you to the bed could be fun.
I saw her face turn to confusion and sadness as
she turned to look at other items. She didn't realize I was close enough to
hear her whisper under her breath. What good will that do me
when you leave? I don't want the ghost of you haunting my place.
As I studied the side of her face and took in the words she had just
whispered, I started to wonder about what had taken place in the last
thirty-six hours. Everything had changed. Everything I thought was true had
been turned upside down. I had met a woman I had no intentions of ever leaving,
and at this moment I couldn't imagine my life without her. But I could
understand her whispered words. She knew my track record with women. Hell.
Anyone who read the tabloids knew my history although I do have to say not all
of it is true. Some of the women in the photos were just for publicity, or I
was snapped at the wrong moment. Melissa was nothing like anyone I had ever
dated, fucked or just been around. She didn't care who I was. Sure, she made
comments about my photo in Bergdorfs window, but she didn't treat me as if I was some sort of God.
She was sassy toward me. She challenged me. She let me be me. And I trusted
her. I never thought I would find all of that in the same woman.
Then again, Ive never thought of being with one woman
forever and the thought of that scared me. Even though I have no plan to hurt
her, I knew I could. But I wanted to take care of her. I wanted to make
everything right in her life. I wanted to take away her pain. Was she just a
project for me? A new campaign? Was I trying to make another thing in my life
perfect? If I'm questioning myself, she had to be questioning my motives as
well. The truth of the matter was, in my heart, I knew I was falling in love
with her.
Coming out of my thoughts, I looked at her and
took in the beauty of the lady standing before me. It's time to make her smile,
so loudly I
ed her. Hey bébé, should we get a movie to watch tonight? Action packed? Drama?
Romantic comedy? Or maybe some porn?
Ssssh. Do you need to broadcast that? You're such a bad boy!
Do you want to spank me, bébé?
Maybe after you feed me.
Good idea. Are you ready to head back home?
Oui, monsieur. I'm thinking we should get a movie and food
delivery. Let's take advantage of our last night together.
Ooooh. What do you have in mind, bébé?I wrapped my arms around
Melissa and she laughed. She has the best laugh. I stepped away from her
briefly to call Charles. I let him know were ready to head home and we set off to meet
him. Once in the car, Melissa snuggled up to me. She felt and smelt so
good. I loved how I could smell her scent on my clothing.
Hey bébé, I'm not ready to be away from you.I felt
her instantly tense in my arms. I think you should stay
with me at my apartment until Thursday.
But, I have to work all week.
Charles and I'll take you to work every morning and then pick you
up. Say 'oui.' You don't want me to have to sleep alone, do you?
I don't think you would have any trouble getting someone to sleep
with you.
I told you, only you have slept in my bedroom. I have never
brought anyone else there. I go to their place or a hotel, fuck and leave.
Melissa got very quiet and turned to look out
the window. Shit! Why the fuck did I say that? I reached for her and turned her
face back towards me. I'm sorry. I shouldn't
have been so crude. That was in poor form.I kissed her tenderly.
I don't want you to lie to me, but I don't need to hear anymore
about any of that. But, oui, I will stay with you.

Good. Pack a bag as soon as we get to your apartment and then youre mine tonight to do with
as I please.She smiled, and I slipped
my tongue into her mouth making her moan. Oui, bébé. I plan to hear that
moaning from you all night.

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