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A Window to Love by Fifi Flowers...Chapter Eight FREE

A Window to Love by Fifi Flowers...

This book contains sexually explicit material and is intended for adult readers only.

Chapter Eight

Once Jane walked out, I quickly cleaned up my area, gathered all
my purchases and headed for the elevator. I was hoping to see Evan standing in
the lobby with a wicked smile on his face, but he wasn't. The vision of him
patiently waiting for me was another thing I would miss. That gorgeous man made
the McDimel-Sanders lobby a treat to enter every time I stepped out of the
elevator. From now on, it would be dull and lifeless. I sighed and walked out
of the building. Heading to the curb, I hailed a cab and gave him my address as
he pulled away from the curb.  Getting
closer to my apartment, I changed my mind. Change of plans. Take me
to JFK.
No problem, miss,he said as he made a few quick turns, and headed in the direction
of the airport.
I had no idea where to go, but I just knew I
couldn't go back to my apartment. It was now filled with memories of Evan and
all of our intimate times together. I knew his taste, his smell; his essence
would now permeate from every wall and surface of my home. Once in the
terminal, I looked at the list of flights set to depart this afternoon and
decided on Los Angeles because there was a flight scheduled to leave in an
hour. I was hoping maybe a little sunshine would brighten my spirits. The last
thing I wanted was to be reminded of how much this holiday sucked! How was it
that it just kept getting worse? Sunshine didn't equal Christmas in my book and
California would be a perfect distraction for me. I purchased a ticket, headed
toward the shops to purchase a carry-on bag for all my new clothes then arrived
at my gate with just minutes to spare.
With still no word from Evan, I turned my phone
off and boarded the plane for California. Five hours and several in-flight
beverages later I landed at LAX then made my way to my hotel. While waiting for
my flight, I went online and secured a room with an ocean view at the
spectacular Shutters on the Beach, one of the finest hotels on the Santa Monica
boardwalk. I may have selected the wrong hotel for my escape. The pale grey
wood-slatted hotel with its white wooden balconies and plantation shutters was
definitely a place for lovers.
My heart was heavy. I was tense. I could smell
Evans scent
on my clothing, and I was reminded of the last time he was inside of me, loving
me. I could see the look in his face when our eyes locked in the bathroom
mirror. I was wishing I could feel him now. I wanted his body wrapped around
me. His lips on mine. Tears slid down my cheeks as I looked out the cab window
at the beautiful surroundings. I decided this is not paradise, I was in sunny
I checked into the hotel and went to my room. Striping off my clothes, I
took a quick shower, put on a plush hotel robe and ordered
room service. Sitting on the balcony, I looked out at the pier filled
with fun and laughter, I would imagine. The amusement park situated on the pier
was all
lit up. I c
ould see a roller coaster
whizzing along the rails with faint screams of exhilaration. The Ferris wheel
looked like a jewel twirling around slowly, so romantique, I imagined riding it
with Evan.
The thought of not sharing all of this with him
sent tears down my face, and my throat felt as if it was closing, like Im suffocating. Any hopes I
had of eating the gourmet grill cheese sandwich and tomato bisque I ordered
were dashed. Closing my eyes, using my yoga techniques, taking several deep
breaths and meditating, I tried to relax. Managing to gain control of my
breathing, I reached a level of calm, but my emotional state was dim. Though I
was not able to choke down the food that smelled and looked divine, I did
manage to slosh back a bottle of champagne. Bubbly flowed into me straight from
the bottle, and tears flowed down my face. Once the bottle was empty I dragged
myself to the bed, I didn't bother to pull the covers back, I just curled up in
a ball and cried myself to sleep.
Before the sun came up, I heard the incessant
ringing of a phone. In the dark, I searched out my purse and dug for my phone.
Let it be Evan! Let it be Evan! It wasn't.
It was Jane yelling into the phone, Melissa, where the hell are you?
I was stammering, I... I... I didn't want to
tell you that Evan dumped me. I couldn't bear to go back to my apartment and be
alone with memories of Evan.
Her voice elevated, Where are you?
Rambling on I told her, I had to leave. I should've known better. He told me he's not a
relationship guy.
Where the fuck are you?Jane
ed to know.
I wasn't listening to her as I continued on, I love him. He doesn't love me.
She was trying to speak calmly, I know you do, baby girl.She paused and then
continued in a softer voice, Listen Melissa, you need
to tell me where you are.
I didn't want to answer her question. You shouldn't worry about me. I'm used to being alone. Enjoy your
weekend with Ryan.
Her patient tone remained,Seriously, honey. You are scaring me. Please tell me where you are.
Still I refused to give in, I'm fine. I just need to
regroup. I will be back Monday or Tuesday.
was waning, and her voice
raised a few octaves, If you don't tell me where
you are, I'm going to report you missing and have the police pull your credit
card records. You know I have connections.
Okay. Okay.I confessed my
whereabouts, I'm in Santa Monica.
You are WHERE?Jane yelled into the phone
loud enough that I moved the phone away from my ear.
Taking a few deep breaths, I told her, After you left the office yesterday, I did too and headed for the
airport. Sunshine sounded good. Stop worrying about me. Enjoy your weekend.
I'll see you in a few days.
Make sure to keep your phone on. I'm going to keep checking in
with you.I heard Jane take a deep
breath and hesitantly, she added, Melissa, Evan called me.
He was worried about you when you never showed up at your apartment.
surprised by her words. How would he know I never
showed up? He hasnt even
called or texted me.
He didn't give me details, but hes
Shes speaking softly. Maybe you should call him…”
Abruptly I cut her off, No, I need some time to get used to being without him. You can
tell him I'm fine. I will be back in the city Monday or Tuesday. I'll see you
Think about calling him. See you on Monday. I love you, honey.
Tuesday more like it. I love you too. Bye
Bye. Be safe. Dont do
anything dumb, my friend.
I hung up with Jane and fell back to sleep. I
was exhausted from crying all night.
Waking up a few hours later to a sunny day was
welcoming treat. I ordered coffee, fruit and croissants for breakfast and ate
out on the balcony. Realizing I had nothing to wear for this warm weather, I
decided it was time to go shopping for summer clothes. The jeans, sweaters and
high heels I purchased yesterday will not do when it's 80 degrees in December.
Truly a-fucking-mazing!
Dressed in the coolest sweater I had, jeans and heels, I ventured out. I stop to ask the concierge about places to shop. He
informed me that shopping was within walking distance, but as he looked at my
shoes, he suggested I have a car drop me off. Happily, I accepted the
When I arrived at the shopping area, I went
straight to a shoe shop and purchased a pair of fashionable ballet slippers, a
couple pairs of sandals, and one pair of high heel sandals. Now I was ready to
walk down the Santa Monica Promenade, a fabulous open-air shopping street. Next
on my list of must-buys for warm weather; skirts, t-shirts, a white blouse, a
lightweight jacket and a sundress. To brighten my spirits, I decided I needed
some fun accessories; designer sunglasses and costume jewelry; bracelets,
necklaces and a few cocktails rings. Equipped with a new wardrobe, I pop into a
dressing room to change into an appropriate summeroutfit; skirt, t-shirt, sandals and mood-elevating jewelry.
Feeling a little uplifted, I strolled down the
block in search of a place to have lunch. The warm weather inspired me to find
a restaurant where I could sit outside and look out to the ocean. Sitting on
the patio at the Blue Plate Oysterette on Ocean Boulevard, I ordered a glass of
Mirabelle Brut champagne along with their delicious smelling lobster mac and
cheese. I watched people stroll along the cliff boardwalk; families, children;
dogs; couples and my thoughts ran to EvanI wanted to be one those
couples; I wanted the children; I wanted the dogsI
wanted a family.



I was a nervous wreck all night. I barely slept a wink. When
Melissa didnt come
home last night, I tried her phone, but it went straight to voicemail. Thinking
maybe she went back to my apartment, I headed over there, but she had not shown
up there either. Returning back to her empty apartment, I knew something was
wrong. I expected to hear from Melissa or at least see her after work. Was it
possible that she didnt hear
me say Ill see
you at your apartment tonight when I dropped her at work? If she didnt hear me, why would she
call me, I shouldve
called or texted her yesterday. How would she feel when I didnt pick her up from work as
I usually do? I really fucked up!
As soon as I woke up this morning alone in
Melissas bed,
I knew I
ed a plan. I had to find her: Was she hurt? Did
she have plans? Maybe shes with
Jane. I needed Janes phone number. Where
would I find her number? Then it hit me, maybe the first desk had it for an
emergency contact. I rushed down to the lobby, and I was suddenly relieved to
see her number on Melissas
contact list and I called her immediately going back up to the apartment.
Jane.I practically screamed at her. It's Evan. Is Melissa with
No. I'm out of town for the weekend. I haven't seen her since we
were getting ready to leave work. I thought she was with you,she sounded confused.
No. She never arrived at her apartment last night or this morning.
I'm at her apartment now.I raked my hand through my
hair, wondering where she could be.
Did you call her?
I tried all night, but it went straight to voicemail. Now it just
I paused, and then voice my assumption, I think I made a big mistake by not texting her yesterday. Our last night together was not exactly
par for the course with us, and now I think maybe she doesn't want to speak
with me. Jane, Im
afraid something has happened to her, will you please call her and let me know
that she's okay?
Of course.Janes voice was shaking as she
spoke, Now, I'm worried about
her. I'll call her right now. I'll call you as soon as I know something.
An hour later my phone rang. I
ed it immediately. I sounded like an
interrogator as I rattled questions at Jane, Where
is she? Is she ok?
Quietly she answered me, Apparently, she was upset about you dumping her.
WHAT?I shouted.
That's what she said.Then hesitantly she added,
She said she needed to getaway. To think. To get used to being
without you.
What the hell? SHIT!I shouted and then took a
few deep breaths, I should've texted her
yesterday. I wanted to surprise her.Rubbing my forehead, I
calmly asked, Where is she?
Reluctantly, she answered, She hopped a flight to L.A.
At first, Im not sure I heard her right, She what? Does she know someone there? Do you know where shes staying?
Santa Monica, but she wouldnt give me details. She said she would be back Monday or Tuesday.
I need to find her now, Jane.I shouted and then quietly
I told her, I have to find my bébé. I need to take her in
arms. She has to know how I feel about her. I have to tell her how I feel about
Okay, Evan.She was quiet for a moment
before delivering a possible solution, I have a friend that could
trace her credit card activity. I'll call him right now.
Great!I exclaimed, stumbling to
the bedroom to pack a quick bag. I'm heading for the
airport. I'll fly out to her.Throwing clothing, I
implored her, Find out where shes staying and call me as
soon as you know.
Will do.
Thank you so much, Jane.I said sincerely.
Evan.I hear sternness in her voice, Make
sure you don't break her heart. I don't know what your feelings are for her,
but you need to set her straight. She's been through enough. And this is the
worst time of the year for her.
That's why I need to find her,I said
in a broken voice.
I hung up with Jane and wondered, what exactly
am I going to say to Melissa when I find her. What do I feel for her? I think
I'm in love with her. Never have I wanted to be with someone every day. I want
to wake up with her every morning and go to sleep with her every night.
I quickly finished packing my bag while calling
Charles to drive me to the airport. I secured a first-class seat on a flight
set to take off in thirty minutes, and I quickly raced to the gate. I hadn't
heard from Jane as we were taking off. The flight was pure hell thinking about
Melissa. How could she runaway from me? What if Jane cant get the information? What if she didnt use a credit card? Would
I be able to find her? I had toI had to let her know how
I felt about her. One woman may have walked away from me, but Id be damned if this one
By the time we landed at LAX, thankfully, I had
a voicemail from Jane saying Melissa had checked into Shutter on the Beach. I
quickly made my way to the exit to find a driver waiting for me. I gave him the
name of the hotel, and we drove off. Time to get my bébé back in my arms.
Once at Shutters, I made a beeline to the young
man working behind the front desk and hoped that he could help me get my plan
in motion. I extended my hand to him and he shook it, and I began, Good afternoon, my name is Evan Duke. My girlfriend, Melissa
Bennette, checked in yesterday. I didn't think I could get away to join her for
the weekend, but fortunately things changed freeing up my schedule, so I am
here to surprise her. I am hoping you will close out her bill, put the charges
on my credit card then get us the best suite you have. An ocean view would be
perfect if you have one available.
He nodded with a smile, Of course, Mr. Duke. Let me see what I can do." After several
minutes at his computer he looked up, We do have a suite with an
ocean view available, so I think we can help you make that surprise happen,
Handing him my credit card, I chuckled, That's the first thing to go right in 24 hours.
So far, my plan was going off without a hitch. Melissa's things were packed and moved
to our new room, the front desk employees were ready with the story to tell her
when she showed up wondering why her key didn't work and I had a bottle of
champagne delivered for us to share. Now, all I had to do was wait for the call
telling me she is on her way to me.



After lunch, I took my time walking back to the hotel enjoying the
ocean view. The weather was gorgeous. The combination of sunshine, a full belly
of lobster mac and the lack of sleep made me yawn, and suddenly I couldn't get
to the hotel fast enough for a much needed nap. Hurrying to my room, I dropped
my packages in front of the door and inserted the key card into the door and
received a red light. I tried it a few more times, but it still didn't work. Damn!I gathered up my shopping
bags and went down to the front desk.
Excuse me, sir. My room key doesn't work.
Your name, please.
Melissa Bennette.
The clerk types on the computer keyboard. It says here that your room was needed by a regular guest of the
What?I asked agitated and addedI need a room!I was so tired. I just
want to crawl into bed. I raised my voice demanding, What
the hell did you do with my things?Im truly not myself.
sorry, miss. Dont
worry; we have new accommodations for you. We upgraded you to one of our suites
for this inconvenience, and your belongs have been moved to the suite. Again,
we are truly sorry for this inconvenience. Here is your new room key. Let me
get someone to carry your packages up to the room.
No, thank you. I just want to get to my room, I can manage.I saaid grabbing the new key. Just
point me in the right direction.I snapped, and then
quickly apologize for my bad behavior before heading to the elevator.
I stopped at the door of Beach Suite, inserted
the key and thankfully receive a green light. I turned the handle and walked
into a gorgeous living room with a fireplace, comfy furnishings and a balcony.
I dropped my bags on the floor and noticed there was a bucket with champagne on
a table. A glass of champagne had already been poured. Nice touch,I said to myself, I could use that right
about now!
Instead of falling into bed as I had planned, I
picked up the glass of bubbly, took a sip, then grabbed the bottle and walked
out on the balcony. I almost dropped the glass and bottle when I saw the most
beautiful view ever. On a chaise lounge wearing Wayfarer sunglasses, a pair of
shorts and an open button-down shirt, the sleeves rolled up, sat a dark-haired
Hey bébé, come here.Evan said patting the chaise lounge, removing his sunglasses.
I didn't move. What
are you doing here? How did you find me?
His blue eyes were filled with worry and
concern as he studied my face, Come sit with me and I'll
tell you.
I moved to the rail of the balcony and gazed
out at the ocean. I came here to get away
from everything that reminds me of you, and now here you are fucking that up.I turned and
ed at him, hating that I still could mostly
only think of how gorgeous he was, Do you have any idea what
I am going through? What you have put me through?
Oh, bébé. I'm so sorry. I really have no idea how things got so messed up
between us. Please, ma cherie, come sit with me. I'll try to explain.
I hesitated. He flashed me his most winningest
smile, gave me that little wink that I love so much, replaced his sexy glasses
and I had to give in.
With my heart racing, I walked toward him. When
I was within reach, he grabbed my hand, pulled me down on his lap, took my
glass of champagne and the bottle and set them on a side table and gave me a
sweet, soft kiss on my lips.
I pulled back and looked at him. Why are you here? Why aren't you off with Isabelle?
ISABELLE? Why would I be off with her?He looked at me confused.
I don't say anything.
Oh.He raised an eyebrow, You saw her name on my phone?
I nod my head yes.
Bébé, Isabelle is a family friend. I called her to help me with a
I heard you talk to her about going away together; cocktails, play
You obviously didn't listen to my whole conversation. I was
talking about my family's holiday cocktail party and taking you for a getaway
to an upstate bed and breakfast.He said running his hand
up and down my arm raising goose bumps on my skin.
Butbut you made it clear that
our time together was over Friday morning. I thought you were lining up your
next fuck.
Whoa!" I felt him stiffen. When
did I ever say that?
You asked me to stay four more days with you. Friday morning you
were cold and distant. I knew I fucked up our last night by getting drunk, but
I thought at least you would give me a warmer goodbye. Not the total brush-off.
Evan pulled me closer into him and tilted my
face to his. I'm sorry. I had so much
on my mind that morning. I was finishing a big project I had been working on
all week. I needed it completed and perfect by Friday afternoon. I had no plan
of ending our time together.
I never heard from you all day. When you dropped me off at work,
you were so cold. I knew that was the end. That's why I gave you a quick kiss
and ran off.I bit my lip to stop the
tears from coming remembering that morning.
I told you I'd see you later.I
ed at him confused and then lowered my head. You didn't hear me, did you?
Shaking my head in his chest, I answered
softly, No. I couldn't hear what
you said. I had to get away from you. I didn't want you to see me crying.
Evan grasped my ponytail and pulled it gently, lifting my head up to his. He
captured my lips with his, sliding his tongue into my mouth. I welcomed his
kiss and responded to him eagerly. Oh, how I have missed his kisses.
Oh bébé, if I don't get my cock into you now, I'm going to go crazy.He growled scooping me up and walking me into the bedroom. We
started ripping each others
clothes off and fell on to the bed.
Evan had me on my back, my legs spread and he pounded into me. Ooooh mon dieu. There's nothing better. Fuck me. Fuck me hard,
He was groaning and going at me harder and
deeper, and I heard loudly, Je
t'aime, b
ébé.There was no mistaking his
words this time.
He got me wild. I was lifting into him,
wrapping my legs around his waist and he placed his hands under my ass and
drove in
even deeper. I fe
lt him harder and thicker
than he'd ever been and I was moaning, crying out his name as my walls were
tightening around his cock. He felt so good inside of me. Melissa, open your eyes. Look at me and come for me, bébé.
I did as I was told and I felt him coming deep
inside me. I love you Evan, I love
you so much,I said with tears
streaming down my face. I didn't care if he only told me in the heat of the
moment. I loved him!
He rolled onto his side, keeping us still
connected and started
kissing me deeply. I c
ould feel him getting
harder inside me. How could it be? But was is and he was as hard as a rock
inside me, and I was loving it as he pulled in and out slowly. It was so
intense, so loving. Our tongues were moving at the same leisurely pace. We were
both looking at each. I could see the love in his eyes, and I was lost forever.
Ever so slowly we built to a mutual orgasm. We
stay connected, holding on to each other and fell asleep. There was nowhere
else I would rather be than in his strong arms.

A Holiday Window in New York City

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