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A Window to Love by Fifi Flowers...Chapter 9 FREE

A Window to Love by Fifi Flowers...

This book contains sexually explicit material and is intended for adult readers only.

Chapter Nine

After some intimate time in bed with my sexy Melissa, we took a
walk by the ocean.  Quietly we strolled
along the sand hand-in-hand. She was so beautiful with her blonde hair blowing
in the sea breeze. I pulled her hand up occasionally kissing the inside of her
wrist. She smiled and my chest tightened. I truly loved this woman.
Looking at her, the events of yesterday flooded
my mind and I was thrown back, going over everything that happened. I couldn't
tell you how happy I was to find her in California and that she was all right. I was frantic
when she didn't show up at her apartment on Friday night after work. I called
her office around the time she usually wrapped up her day and was told she left
early. Given that information, I knew she could arrive at any moment, and I was
excited to see her. When she didnt
arrive after a couple of hours, I started pacing the floor. Where was she? Did
something happen to her? I was still mad at myself for not having Charles pick
her up from work. Knowing she actually ran away from me, I was more scared. I
didn't want to lose her. I'd never been in a relationship. I was used to doing
what I wanted, when I wanted and not having to answer to anyone, especially not
a woman. My life was organized, scheduled, everything was under control. She had thrown me
out of my comfort zone.
Evan? Hello!She poked me in the arm with her free hand, looking up at me with
a gleam in her pretty blue eyes. I loved the way she looked at me.
I smiled at her. I'm
sorry b
ébé.Pulling her hand up to my lips, I murmured, Were you saying something?
Oui, monsieur,she answered softly and then blurted, J'ai
I laughed at her cry for food and agreed, Me too. Let's go eat.Before heading toward a
restaurant, I took Melissa in my arms and kissed her deeply. I loved how she
moaned when we kissed. She had me so fucking hard, I had to control myself. I
wanted to throw her down in the sand and fuck her. I could never get enough; I
wanted to be inside of her all the time.
I growled as I pull us apart and picked her up
into my arms and carried her to the boardwalk. You
don't have to carry me,she lightly protested
knowing it wont do
her any good.
You know I love to carry you, bébé.I kissed her nose, and she
giggled.Let's hurry up and eat so
I can take you back to the room, I need more of you.More giggles escaped Melissa's lips.
I wandered up the beach, heading to the
foot-bridge across Pacific Coast Highway that once crossed, would deliver us
right into the heart of a variety of dining venues. After we made our way
across the sand, Melissa insisted I let her walk, and reluctantly I agreed.
Setting her gently in the sand, I took her in my arms for another long kiss. I
couldn't help it, I loved having my hands on her, not to mention my cock buried
in her. Pushing those thoughts to the back of my mind, I growled, breaking our
kiss. Adjusting myself, I wrapped my arm around her waist and we walked on.
Looking at my watch, I realized it was too
early for dinner, so I suggested we have a few cocktails at the 700 Suite
rooftop lounge at the Shangri-la Hotel while we enjoy the sunset. Melissa had
her usual bubbly, and I opted for a nice glass of red wine while we share an
appetizer. Looking across the table, I was enchanted by the pretty view. The
coastline was picturesque, but the vision of Melissa was better than a million
seaside sunsets and I hoped to see at least that many with her. She needed to
know that she could never run away from me again, my heart couldn't take it.
Hey bébé, come sit next to me.She smiled as she moved
from her chair to the sofa and snuggled
up next to me. I breathed in all that was Melissa: Her hair, the light
scent of her perfume. Her natural scent was erotic, it made me
instantly hard. A low deep growl formed in my throat and as I nuzzled her ear,
it escaped my lips.
Someone sounds hungry for something other than food,Melissa purred. I raised an eyebrow at her and
winked. She laughed and nibbled my neck.
I groaned, You
better watch it, or I'll fuck you right here on this table in front of
Mmmm, I think I would like that.I
definitely heard another purr escape her lips.
I placed a naughty little kiss on her mouth and
shifted her away from me. I wanted her to see my face, and how serious I was
when I told her how I felt about her running away and that it was not to happen
again. Melissa, bébé,I said in a serious tone, making sure I had her full attention before I continued, Im sorry
I was so quiet earlier, but I was thinking about your fleeing to California
without any word to anyone. You can't do that. Everyone was worried about you.
Only you were worried about me,She
lowered her head, searching for the right words to help me understand.
Placing my hand under her chin, I lifted her
face, That's not true, bébé, Jane was worried too.
Melissa pulled back from me and shook her head,
replying, Only because you contacted
her. Otherwise, she wouldn't have known I was gone.
Why was she arguing with me? I was trying to
tell her how important she was to me. I could feel the heat rising on my face
as my anger and frustration with this conversation began to affect my tone with
her, Regardless. I knew you were missing, and I didn't like it.
Sensing a change in my mood she responded in a light voice, I'm sorry, but Evan you don't understand my life. Besides Jane,
and now you, I have no one that cares what I do from day to day. This is new
all to me.I could see she was about
to add a comment, but she was hesitant. I waited patiently, and she continued, I had no idea that you actually cared this much about me.The look on her face was heartbreaking. I wanted to take her in my
arms, but I knew from her body language that we needed to finish our
conversation first. She could not run from me again.
Bébé, I want you in my life. I want to be part of your life. You're
not alone anymore.I could see she was
Thank you,she whispered.  It's nice to have someone
care about me.
When I heard her say someoneI was blown away. What the
hell? I didn't want to be just someone; I wanted to be the only one. I wanted
her to trust me and know that I was here for her. I pulled her in for a chaste
kiss on the lips and then tucked her in tight to me as we quietly finished our
drinks and appetizers.
Once the sun had dipped into the ocean, I
asked, Are you ready to get some
real dinner now?
A wanton look appeared on Melissa's face, and I
knew what the next words out of her mouth would be as she said them while
blushing all the while. I'd rather dinner be
consumed in our hotel bed.
Growling into her ear I agreed with her,
quickly paying the check. We rushed back to the hotel for room service and
non-stop play time throughout the night and into the early morning hours.



Good morning bébé,I heard as I stretched out
naked next to a beautiful hard body.
Bonjour, monsieur.I said into a very sexy pair of sparkling blue eyes.
Speaking of bonjour, tomorrow afternoon we're flying to Paris. I
have to attend a special holiday charity fashion show and a photo-op was just
I can't go to Paris, I have to work,I answered abruptly.
Shaking his finger in a no-no gesture and then
running it along my bottom lip, he replied, Jane
already told me you weren't coming back to the city until Tuesday and that the
agency was shutting down for the holidays. That means you have no excuse, and
you can come with me.
Arguing his point, I responded, First of all, I don't have my passport with me.
It should be here this evening. I had
Jane overnight it,he
ed very matter-of-factly.
I questioned, Clothes?
Apparently he had an answer for everything, You have some warm clothing in your bag and we can buy you
anything else you need in Paris.
You've figured it all out it seems,I just looked at
him.  I couldn't think of another
He had a yummy grin on his face when he said, I have plans for you!But quickly that look
faded to a serious one, I want you to go with me
because I don't want you getting any crazy ideas in your head and running off
You confuse moi,I said quietly.
Bébé, youre the
one that has confused me. I never thought that I could feel this way about
someone. I hate being without you. When I'm not with you, I think about you all
the time.
My heart skipped a beat at his words. Drawing
in a
deep breath
, my eyes filled with
tears. You scare me. What will I
do when you've had enough of me?
I'm never going to get enough of you,he answered pulling me as tightly to him as possible. He ended our
conversing by covering my mouth with his, and we started the morning off with
another parfait roll between the sheets.



After showering and dressing in plush hotel robes, we had breakfast out on our balcony.
The weather was unbelievable; sunny, warm with clear blue skies. The
smell of the salt air was intoxicating or was that the scent of Melissa? Both
were divine. I loved the sound of the waves crashing on the shore; it mimics
the intense pounding of my heart that happened every time I looked at my bébé.
I'm starving,she said biting into a flaky croissant while stabbing a strawberry
with her fork. You gave moi quite a
workout!She said with a grin,
taking a seductive bite of her fruit.
Raising an eyebrow I asked, Are you complaining?
Mmmm,she licked her lips and
exclaimed, Never!
I growled, Bébé, you need to stop eating
like that or Im going
to drag you back to bed, and well
never get out of here. I have a nice day planned for us, so play nice with your
I wagged a warning finger at her, and she
Melissa wasn't kidding when she said she was
starving, I'd never seen her eat so much. Not one scrap of food was left on her
plate. It was so good to see her beautiful, smiling face. I loved listening to
all of her yummy noises while she ate. I'd give anything to see her happy every
day of my life. She's experienced so much sadness. I wanted to take it all away
and give her new memories.
You're looking awfully serious, Mr. Duke. You have that brooding
model look splashed across your face.She winked and giggled.
I flashed her a few more facial poses, and she
laughed hysterically. Are you ready to get out
of here? Its a
perfect day for a drive, and I have a special car waiting for us.
I think I like your earlier offer to drag moi back to bed. Cant we
just stay indoors?
She winked at me.
I laughed. Dont
worry, b
ébé. We can play outdoors too.
I finished my breakfast, placed a chaste kiss
on her forehead and quickly walked inside to dress leaving her to finish her
crème. I
knew that if we attempted to get dressed together it would be at least another
hour before we got out of the room. Just I was tying up my shoes; Melissa
sauntered in and dropped her robe. I promptly slapped her on the ass, Get dressed naughty girl,I laughed before taking my
much needed exit to the living room. I was happy she didn't keep me waiting long
and appeared within minutes, dressed and ready.
We walked out of the hotel entrance to a
classic convertible Jaguar XK140 roadster Ive hired for our drive. I loved the surprised
look on Melissas
beautiful face when she saw the car waiting for us in the driveway. Nice car. Youre
going to look extremely sexy driving that beauty. I'm going to have a hard time
keeping my hands off of you.She slid into the
passenger side, and then ran her hand lightly across the dash as she took it
all in, pronouncing it all, Gorgeous!I was thinking the same thing about her!
I can drive while you let your fingers explore me.I raised an eyebrow at her wickedly.
I put the car in gear, and we zoomed off to
explore the west side of Los Angeles. Taking Mulholland Drive across the Santa
Monica Mountains, we took a leisure cruise, stopping from time to time to take
in the city views. The crystal clear sky allowed us to see from the skyline of
downtown Los Angeles to the blue Pacific Ocean and beyond to Catalina Island. The
stops were also a good excuse to grab a few kisses from my beautiful girl. Once
we made it to the end of Mulholland, we dropped down into Hollywood and took
Sunset Boulevard back to the coast.
Turning onto Pacific Coast Highway we headed up
north toward Malibu for dinner. But first I suggested we drive up into the
hills to see a full view of the coastline. Winding up the back roads of the
Topanga Canyon, I saw an empty lot for sale and pulled down a partially paved
road to a graded lot. The view up and down the coast was amazing; a house on
this spot would be incredible.
Putting the car in park, Melissa exclaimed, This is spectacular!
I smiled at her enthusiasm, but I was more
focused on her and the view I had of her. You are spectacular, bébé,I unfastened my seat belt, pushed the seat back and hooked a
finger at her, motioning for her to move to me, Come
here and sit on my lap.I winked, raising an
eyebrow at her, I'm glad you have a skirt
Melissa surprised me when she lifted her skirt
up to her waist. Quickly undoing my pants, I
pulled them down my thighs, and she straddled me. I moved her panties to the
side, and she slid right on my erection; a perfect fit.
Mmmm, your pussy is so plush, so tight, so wet. Mmmm. Have I told
you how much I hate it when I'm not in you?I had a
firm grip on her ass, moving her in the parfait rhythm.
It misses your hard cock, too,she
I like your dirty mouth, bébé,I groaned loving all the
sounds shes made
and how she was running her fingers through my hair.
I'll have to use my dirty mouth on you later,she said capturing my mouth and sucking on my tongue.
Mmmm. I love your mouth on mine,I
murmured. I loved kissing her. I'd never kissed anyone as much as I'd kissed
I leaned back away from her briefly and pulled
my t-shirt off. Melissa followed my lead taking off her top and her bra. I
suckled on her nipples, alternating to give attention to each one. I plunged
into her faster and harder just the way she liked it. I made her moan and pant as
I brought her to an orgasm. I followed her with my own.
As soon as my breathing had returned to normal,
I made a suggestion, Let's buy this property,
build a house, then I can fuck you while looking out at this fabulous view.
Isnt the
view of my body enough?Melissa asked climbing off
of me and removing the rest of her clothes. Then she shocked the hell out of me
getting out of the car and strutting to the front of the car. My mouth fell
open at the sight of her as she lies across the hood of the Jaguar questioning,
Well, is this enough for you?
I jumped out of the car and quickly walk around
to the front of it and turn her over. I draped my body over hers, swept her
hair to the side and licked the back of her neck, You are perfect for me, bébé!Caressing her sides,
rubbing my cock on her ass, I whispered, The ocean view is just a
bonus. Youre the
true beauty on this cliff. Lets build
a house here. The property is for sale. I love the idea of fucking you with the
Pacific in the background.
I'd rather have a house on the beach. You could fuck me on the
Backing her ass up into me and wiggling, she
moaned, Actually you could fuck me
right now. Pretty pleeeease, monsieur.
She didn't have to beg me twice. I unzipped my
pants and slipped right into her. My favourite place to be. Bébé, you are a bad girl.Panting, moving at a
delicious speed, I purred into her ear, Good thing we're in a
secluded area.
Mmmm. I love you in me, Evan. Fuck mefuck, harder,she cried out.
As we were fucking like two wild animals, a car
drove up the road towards us. Oh shit, bébé! We have an audience.I reluctantly slid out of Melissa, zipped up my pants, pulled her
around behind me, and walked toward the car. Reaching in, I grabbed my shirt,
and put it over her quickly.
A real estate agent and her clients got out of
the car and walked in our direction. The agent didn't look too happy and
informed us she was showing the property, and we were trespassing. I quickly
let her know that we were interested in the property, as well. The client
interrupted immediately stating that he was convinced that he wanted the
property, and would like to make an offer. I had no intention of bidding
against this man. I told the agent that we may be interested in something on the
beach, after all thats what
my bébé said she wanted. The agent
handed me her card and told me to call her to set up an appointment. I thanked
her then headed down the driveway slowly as Melissa struggled to get redressed.
We laughed uncontrollably as we wound our way
down the hill to the coast. Ready for some early
dinner after putting on a show, bébé?
Melissa blushed, Oui,
after that Im in
need of champagne.



Pulling up to valet parking at Moonshadows, a seafood place right
on the beach in Malibu, Evan grabbed my hand and we walked inside.  The glass front building reminded me of a
beach house that had been turned into a restaurant. We were seated out on a
deck. The surroundings were so beautiful from the luxurious furnishings to the
natural elements. I loved hearing the waves crash on the sand, the warm sun on
my face, the smell of the ocean. It was a perfect day. Best of all, I was with
the most gorgeous man. I could stare at him forever. I couldn't believe he came
looking for me and tomorrow I'm going to Paris with him. Wow! Evan and I in the
most romantic city. Fucking in Paris. Ooh la la!
Gazing at him, I saw his sexy mouth moving, but
I wasn't
What? Did you say
something? I was just admiring the view.
Evan laughed and gave me one of his panty-wetting looks. Oh mon dieuI could eat him up. Melissa!
Mmmm. Evan in his birthday suit. Naked. Love
him exposed in all his glory. Not sure what I enjoyed looking at more; the
lovely face or the exquisite body. Maybe the total package was best. Looking
into those passionate blue eyes while being trapped under his very fit body. I
got wet just thinking about it.
Melissa? Hello, bébé. What are you moaning about? Must be naughty because the look on
your face is pure lust.
Finally, I snapped out of my yummy daydream. Oui.
Seriously, bébé, let's buy a house here,he announced and Im not sure Im truly hearing him
I turned my head and gave him a weird
questioning look. You're crazy. You hardly
know me, and you want to buy a house with me?
Why do you keep saying I dont know you? We have been together for days exploring each other
non-stop. And the answer to your question is, yes, I want to buy a house with
you. I'm not letting you go. You are mine.
He said, I'm his. I smiled at him and then I
giggled. I felt like a lovesick teenage girl, and I couldn't make words form
correctly as I was thinking does that mean Mr. Model, man of many a women's
fantasy, is mine? Still in la la land, I placed my elbow on the table and
rested my chin on my palm and all that I could get to come out of my mouth was,Mmmm.
Evan was laughing at me, shaking his head, questioning me, Melissa, what is running through that pretty head of yours?
Again, Im at a loss for intelligent words, and I mumbled, Why?
Why what? Why are you mine?I simply nodded my head. Because I will not share you with anyone. Because the thought of
anyone touching you, let alone fucking you, drives me insane.
Soooo there's the truth,I said before adding a purring
question, Am I to be your sex slave?
I like that idea.He grinned and then turned
serious again. I want you for everything,

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