Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Review by WW Reviewer Loraine for The Blood of Angels: Divine Vampires

The Blood of Angels: Divine VampiresThe Blood of Angels: Divine Vampires by Selena Kitt

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was the first book I have read about the fey and it won't be my last-I loved this book by Selena Kitt! This book opened up a different world to me, and I really enjoyed it!

Sam is a fairy who works for the maker- a presence that is always within her telling her what to do to change the course of the life of the humans she is in charge of. She has never known anything else. Alex, who also is fey, is her friend, and they quite often see each other when they are altering the course of others or merely looking after them. Sam is very interested in humans and what they do, particularly when they are having sex. Alex thinks that she is too interested! Quite often she watches the humans having sex, but they have no idea because she is not seen by them.

One day she is in a childrens day care center and she is watching the children and she notices the instructor, and he can see her! He picks her up off of his desk and takes her with him when he leaves and then they have a conversation, she asks him how he can see her and he replies that he is not "like humans". She is really surprised by this but then she has to leave as her maker is calling her elsewhere. Sam keeps dwelling on this man, named Zeph, for days

Alex tells her she has her one wish a year coming and that maybe she should wish to be human for one day! It is highly unlikely her wish will be granted but when she goes before the fey board surprisingly they do let her have her wish. Alex tells her to enjoy his time, he is going to Australia! Before she knows what hits her, she wakes up in Zeph's house on his couch where he found her when he got home.

What follows is really is what happens between them as they attempt to make a day last a lifetime, and Sam doesn't want to leave. After certain things happen with Zeph and a few others that she witnesses, he tells her what he is and what would happen if he turned her! What happened with Zeph is explained as well as he was not always what he is now.

Do yourself a favor and read this book it is awesome, but I can't say anything else without giving the whole plot away, and I guess the question I will leave you with to spark your interest is-Has Sam fallen for Zeph in such a small amount of time? Does Zeph have feelings for her? What will happen if Sam decided to stay in Zeph's world?

Like I said I really enjoyed this book and hope there is more of these stories!I give the author 5***** stars for a well written book, a book that held my attention and I could not put it down until I finished it, and also because what she has written is very original- it is a different take on the usual paranormal read!

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