Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Review by WW Reviewer Loraine for Tess Oliver Cash (The Barringer Brothers #2)

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Cash (The Barringer Brothers #2)Cash by Tess Oliver

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cash by Tess Oliver is another book in the Barringer Brothers Series, and like the rest of them this one is really good, and it just adds to the list of books in this series that are all 5 star reads! This book can be read as a stand alone, but if you are like me, you will start with Rain Shadow book 1, and keep reading up to this latest book by Tess, as it adds a lot to this book as far as background on the main character Cash Tremayne.

Cash Tremaine has had a very hard life starting from the time he was a child, and this has turned him into a hard and disillusioned man. He was part of the Bedlam outlaw motorcycle group, from the time he was a teen when the head of the motorcycle club Draygon Sharpe found him living on the streets.One year when he was a lot younger, he went on a road trip with the club down to the ocean and he has never forgotten that time and how beautiful it was to him. After turning state evidence in against the motorcycle club years later and dealing with the fall out of the club members(some, not all) trying to get rid of him, he decides it is time to take to the road, and with a referral from an old friend takes him to the small coast town of Tucker's Village and he finds it to his liking right away. He decides to stay and help Bentley the man he goes to see and realizes that the man has severe arthritis and can't fix things for himself anymore. Bentley lost his wife a while back, but his grief that he wears on his face is over the mysterious death of his son. As a matter of fact his son's room is still the same way it was the day his son left to go fishing and never came back. So Cash decides to stay awhile here and help Ben out, as he likes him right from the beginning.

On the way into town, Cash had stopped at a gas station where he meets Esme Drake, a beautiful young woman who gets caught stealing a bottle of water, as her jeep had broken down, and she had no way of contacting anyone so she pretends to be Cash's girl and he pays for her water, and he and Esme who he has nicknamed "sugar peanut" ride into town and he drops her home. Cash instinctively knows that she has had a hard life also and Ben verifies how hard she has had it but always works to achieve what she wants, and the whole town loves her! Esme has 3 jobs she juggles, including her dog walking job, where Cash sees her the second time, being hauled down the street by 5 dogs of all shapes, sizes, and varieties!

As time goes by, they form a friendship,which quickly turns into so much more, and things seem to be going okay, but there is a lot going on behind the scenes and Cash can't help but feel he brought trouble with him. like he thinks he always does. Esme's 2 brothers and dad get into something that causes a lot of trouble for themselves and Esme, and Cash is worried.

You will have to read this book to find out what that trouble is and how it is resolved! This book had a great plot to it and I loved the characters that are introduced in this book, as well as other characters making brief appearances through phone conversations, from the past books in this series The characters are all well developed and as you read, you find yourself forming an attachment to them, and hoping for the best outcome! The author has a unique writing style totally her own and produces a book that is beautifully written from start to finish. I found myself praying that Cash finally has found a good place to be in his life finally after all the years he was barely surviving from day to day with no hope or dreams. By reading the first books you will see Cash in these books which really adds to the makeup of his character, and how when faced with a dilemma what he chose to do about it.

Will Cash finally accept that he has finally found a place to stay for good with all the townspeople who love him, for all the things he helped them with and taking care of their town? Will the love he has found for Esme be enough? Can Cash hang up that feeling he does-not belonging anywhere because he thinks he brings nothing but trouble everywhere he goes?

I gave this book 5***** stars and I really suggest you read all the books in this series by Tess Oliver, I know you will be so glad you did! The series is in this order:

Rain Shadow book 1
Rain Shadow Book 2
Rain Shadow Book 3
Rain Shadow Book 4
Rain Shadow Book 5

Thanks you for writing another great series Tess Oliver!

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