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Review by WW Reviewer Loraine for Roomies

RoomiesRoomies by Lindy Zart

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Roomies by Lindy Zart is a really awesome book and I really enjoyed reading it. There were so many funny parts in this story I found myself laughing out loud at some of the dialog between Graham and Kennedy who are roommates, and they have been roommates for over a year and a half. Graham is a little ocd about keeping the house clean and Kennedy or 'Ken' as Graham calls her is a little bit on the messy side! But other than that they do everything together and they get along really well!

But they are both holding back on each other an important fact-they both are in love and they do not want to be the one to say it first as they both are very insecure in their own ways. Kennedy is still a virgin and is a bit younger than Graham, and Graham is very handsome and is constantly hit on by women he gives golf lessons to, and well- Kennedy hates that. Graham has stopped dating all together because what he wants is right at home, and Kennedy is so whacky acting that even though guys hit on her, because she is a pretty girl, she does not give them a second glance, because she is hopelessly in love with Graham.

Into this story comes Grahams younger brother, Blake, a bit of a troublemaker, an ex drug addict and alcoholic, and they have not seen each other in years and he is totally the opposite of Graham with the bad boy persona that women love. Kennedy herself is not immune to him but she loves Graham and would never do anything to lose him. Graham however is very jealous and possessive of Kennedy and he does not like his brother trying to step into 'his space' when it comes to Kennedy. Blake being Blake, he takes every opportunity to cause problems between Kennedy and Graham, and he totally enjoys every minute of it, as he uses his past as a way to manipulate Kennedy's feelings.

This book is filled with a lot of hilarious moments, sad moments, and a few major revelations that explain why Graham's brother is the way he is. There is sexual angst, and add to this Kennedy and her relationship with her parents makes for an interesting read! Her father wanted a boy- he got one child- a girl, and so raised her with hunting, fishing, and other skills like this that Kennedy hated but loved her dad enough to do to be with him. Her mom never said anything, just continued through the course of Kennedy's young life burning all the meals and doing her own crazy things like making pink scarves for her father in law.

Will Graham and Kennedy be able to stop fighting and arguing about things long enough to admit their feelings for each other, will Kennedy quit being so immature, trying to get a rise out of Graham by hanging out with his brother Blake and making Graham jealous, will Blake stop fighting with his brother and quit causing trouble between kennedy and Graham? You will have to read this to find out!

When Blake and Graham's dad comes looking for Blake and tries to bully Blake to go home, even though he is about 27 years old and his father should not be telling him he has to do anything, will these brothers pull together and stick up for each other? Read this book and see how everything resolves itself, you will be glad you did!

I totally loved this book and I highly recommend it, I also plan on reading anything else by this author, as she writes a great story! I gave this book 5***** stars!

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