Sunday, July 13, 2014

Review by Danie - Bound by Vengeance (SKALS #2) By Author Adriana Nior - 5 Fantastic Stars

Let me just say- WOW! And WOW some more!! You absolutely MUST read Sinister Kisses before reading this and be prepared to feel it all- love, hate, anger, sorrow, joy and hope!

As much as the feminist in me wants to hate Sebastian, I just can't. He is so beautifully flawed and so amazingly sexy that it is impossible to do anything but love him.

Sebastian's love for Taylor is a palpable thing. It leaps off the pages. You experience his passion, his fears, his joy and his anguish as much as if these were your own feelings. He is still a maniacal, sadistic a** hole, but his stock definitely went up in this book.

My first impression of Taylor in Sinister Kisses was that she was sort of a weak, pushover. I am revising that impression 110% and offering my most sincere apologies. There is a huge difference between being weak and being submissive. Taylor is absolutely NOT weak. She exhibits a strength in Bound by Vengeance that most could only hope to possess. As much as I want to scream at the top of my lungs for her to run as far and as fast in the other direction, I realize not only does she absolutely breathe Sebastian, but he'd just find her anyway.

In true Noir fashion, there are several scenes in this book that will have you biting your nails and others that will have your jaw gaping, your fists clenching and your mind racing. You may even shed a tear or two....lord knows I did and that's no easy feat... If I had one complaint it's that the next book isn't out yet!

I cannot recommend SKALS or this author enough. The writing is flawless and the editing is impeccable. Adriana Noir is the epitome of Indie writing and I would not be surprised if this series gets picked up by a major publisher. It is gritty, edgy and so far out of the typical romance realm that it is in a world all its own.