Monday, July 14, 2014

Review by Loraine Oliver - Under Contract by Author Jacquelyn Ayres - 5 Fun & Sexy Stars

Review by Loraine Oliver from Wicked Women Book Blog

Under Contract is a wonderful, touching story about a woman who is lovely and charming and totally devoted to her 3 children and their life together with her husband-until the husband decided he was no longer interested in living with his wife and 3 kids any more, so he up and leaves her one day with a mortgage, no money in the bank and huge credit card debt.

Mitch is the CEO of his own company and he is tired of all the faceless one night stands he has been passing time with and is just plain done with the whole scene. Mitch is single, very attractive and a millionaire, and just wants to have a relationship where he gives the same woman a lot of money, has her live in his house and be there when he comes home, and it is more for his convenience that anything else.

Mitch doesn’t have time for a traditional relationship and the BS that comes with it, and he doesn't want a marriage or kids, certainly doesn’t do the “falling in love” thing. All that said, he still wants someone to come home to." This is what he wants.

What happens when Charlotte goes to meet Mitch to see about this mutually beneficial "contract"? Will this prove to be something that is beneficial to both of them?

This book is hilarious, and you are going to love it-I know I did, I sat down to read it one night, and I haven't been so touched by a read in a while, as well as laughed out loud so much! Along with this story comes a great cast of supporting characters that are hilarious, crazy and just plain out of this world on occasion -including both Mitch and Charlotte's family members! And all of them love
Charlotte so much,they have been friends all their lives and always will be,and the same holds true for Mitch!

Most of all this book has a meaning behind it and see if you can figure out what the author is trying to say.
I gave this book 5***** stars for being a great read!